At JobiJob we know that the term "disabled" is, at the very least, inaccurate. People with various impairments are frequently ahead of us in the way they cope with reality and in their innovative and creative approach to overcoming the obstacles they encounter! Their daily struggle for a better future proves that where there's a will, there's a way. 

How should we understand the situation of the (dis)abled in the job market?

Have employers not been ready to hire people with disabilities? Do they not trust them? Have people with special needs experienced unfair treatment? They probably have. Does it have to continue? Of course not! It’s time for a new program. A new era is coming - the era of the (dis)abled employees!

If you are ready for changes and want to enter the #Fullyabled era with us, join the campaign supported by the employment agency JobiJob.


Activation of disabled persons in the labor market

The program's Ambassadors will fulfill the role of mentors for people with disabilities.
They will offer their support and draw from the experience in developing a career
they've been able to gain as able-bodied individuals

Changing the terminology
(First of all, ending the use of the traditional term
"disabled" in favour of “"able-bodied"”)

Program of the campaign:


Month 1: Ambassadors know how! Presentation of the Ambassadors of the campaign in social media.

Month 2: Myth off! A series of posts dispelling harmful myths about the (dis)abled.

Month 3: #Fullyabled now! – final of the campaign


In order to give our idea the power to change attitudes in society, we need your help! We’re working on creating a community of good souls ready to act! If you are an influencer, a blogger, or a representative of the business world, we invite you to join our campaign. Become the program’s ambassador! Use your channels or social media to promote the values ​​we proclaim! If you want to support the #pelnosprawni campaign, contact us today office@jobijob.eu 

Join the ranks of Ambassadors, whose tasks include:

  • publishing one post a week;
  • opening the social media channels they run to the ideas we want to promote; social mediach na nasze hasła;
  • expanding the network of ambassadors, inviting others to join the campaign in social media;
  • commenting on and sharing our publications;
  • indicating on your LinkedIn profile that you are an ambassador of the campaign (under the name JobiJob);
  • making a short film debunking myths about the disabled and joining the creation of new spots promoting our program;
  • sowing small seeds of the ideas we are talking about by reaching the (dis)abled in your own environment;
  • Moreover, the ambassadors are asked to consent to the use of their image in social media and to publish posts
    on the campaign's fan page

We know that our Ambassadors are people with great potential who display a great amount of creativity, so we will be delighted if you share your ideas on other forms of reaching the goals of the campaign and tools that could help implement the objectives of our mission!

You can also take up the challenge and complete one of the non-obligatory tasks:

  • Mentor project: we will ask you to play the role of a guardian angel who will support one specific person with disabilities while they climb the career ladder! Our goal, after all, is the professional activation of people with disabilities and the fight against professional exclusion.
  • Break the geographical boundaries, too, and help us find Ambassadors in other countries to expand the campaign to the whole world!
  • Use your potential: create a series of workshops, podcasts, open up to online consultations or offer help in writing a CV. Maybe you’d like to create graphics or gadgets promoting the campaign? There are many possibilities, and only you know your talents and how to use them best! 
  • If you feel up to it, you can organize a fundraiser on one of the crowdfunding portals to change the life of a specific Abled person.


Wondering what your posts should be like? We rely on you here! Just remember to include the following in your content:

We write about specific topics, trying to debunk the myths about the (dis)Abled, but we are also open to the Ambassadors' own initiatives. We publish on LinkedIn and on the campaign’s fanpage. Opening your channels to our slogans will be a wonderful act of kindness!